easyMarketing is born

easyMarketing enter UK market.

The concept of great value air travel is nothing new these days and some might think it could not be further away from the easyGroups latest organisation, easyMarketing.  

Lets consider this though, high level big agency marketing access has for some time been the luxury of the big players, with SME’s and other enterprises just not believing they can afford to access these channels or feeling out of their depth with the ‘marketing jargon’ that is often used and can make a client feel like they are in a world of smoke and mirrors.

Co founder and Director Nathan Siekierski says that is exactly why he and his partners started easyMarketing.

‘For decades myself and my business associates had used agencies and services that, to be honest, didnt seem to fit who we were and what we needed, which was straight talking, honest and realistic options that were entirely focused on achieving our goals.’

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