About Us

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When you look at working with easyMarketing we want you to know our values, so that you know what to expect from us as an organisation, integrity is our highest value that underpins all of the below.

  • Great value for money
  • For the many not the few
  • Relentless innovation
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Taking on the big guys and girls
  • Making a difference in peoples lives
  • Keep it simple

The founders of easyMarketing are all experienced business owners themselves with a combined 80 years business experience in a number of sectors ranging from Software, Hospitality, IT, Data, Clothing, Furniture and Sales. Having started many businesses and grown them the directors were driven to invest and create a real marketing solution that was entriely focused on business goals.


After decades of experience with marketing agencies that seemed to be focused more on their own postcode, shoes and past work the directors increasingly took things in house until they realised that their knowledge in achieving growth was such that they were ready to start their own marketing organisation. After years of talking about it the directors decided it was time to create a no nonsense, straight talking on the ground marketing agency that did what it said on the tin. 


The desire was to ensure that any business that worked with the easyMarketing had two key things, firstly someone on the ground who wanted to to have a longer term relationship with their client and essential become their marketign department and secondly a huge support central system that could offer a single source multi channel offering to give access to everythiing from facebook ads through to national TV and celebrity endorsement. 


The decision to become part of the easyGroup was a no brainer really as both parties were aligned in their values and had a clear vision to bring effective, transparent marketing solutions to the world of business. Once a deal has been agree easyMarketign was born and we now plan to put hundreds of easyMarketing experts on the ground across the UK helping our clients grow and achieve their goals.


The role out of easyMarketing will see the biggest marketign eco system of experts availibale across the United Kingdom over the next few years.


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