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Grow your business with radio advertising

Radio is a fantastic medium for ambitious small and medium sized businesses that are looking to grow, visit our Backing Brilliant Business hub to see more about this.

Radio broadcasts have been called the theatre of the mind. The benefits of using radio advertising range from its effectiveness to its low cost. Radio is an intimate form of advertising and we can help you create the show.

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What results you can expect

Benefits of Radio Advertising

Selective Targeting

Each radio station within your market will target specific demographics and market segments. These are usually defined by the programming, type of music being played, the on-air personality.

Increased Frequency

Radio advertising is defined by many as a frequency medium. This means that unlike television advertising (which relies on reach and visual presentation), radio relies on repetition, aka frequency of message, to be effective.

Short Time to Market

When creating a television or print advertisement, the time frame required to produce a single commercial or print ad would span weeks or even months. However, with radio advertisement, a radio host can advertise the product or service in an instant.


Radio advertising is cost-effective when compared to television and print advertisements. Usually, the cost to create the spot – if you don’t have one – will be included in the radio advertising campaign’s price.

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