Outdoor advertising is considered a mass market

People notice nearly a hundred advertisements from numerous brands per day – however not all adverts can grab the same attention and convert people into customers.

Outdoor advertising is considered a mass market medium, just like radio & TV. It includes several options such as billboards, street furniture, transit advertising, print ads and much more.

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Types of Outdoor Advertising

1. Billboard Advertising

Most people are familiar with billboard advertising, regardless of where they live or travel. Billboards are placed next to high-traffic highways

2. Street Furniture

A bit of a misnomer, “street furniture” applies not just to bus or park benches but also to bus shelters, newsracks, and telephone kiosks, among others.

3. Transit

Ads on the sides of busses are the most common form of transit outdoor advertising, but outdoor advertising is common in subway stations and within subway cars, in taxis, along airport walkways, and wrapped around vehicles – one of the newer trends.

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