Customer Retention

Customer retention is your business’s ability to win the loyalty of customers

Customer retention is often overlooked when it comes to marketing. At easyMarketing we believe it’s incredibly important that you’re supported with a systemised customer retention programme. This should ensure your customers stick around and should also provide you with important feedback that highlights what other products or services they might like to buy from you.

We will create and implement a “retain and expand” added-value system that will enable you to measure the average lifetime value of your customer and increase this so you have more understanding than ever about why your customers love you. This in turn means that we can target your new customer aquisition with greater precision and sophistication.

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Why Is Customer Retention so Important for Your Business?

Repeat customers always make up a substantial portion of an organization’s profits, and the more times they buy, the more likely they are to buy again. One study showed that after one purchase, the customer is only 25% likely to buy from your company again. However, after two purchases they were 45% more likely to make a third purchase, and after three purchases, they were 54% more likely to make a fourth.

Customer Retention so Important for Your Business

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